R2 Teacher and parent guide


The BAFOS project (Boosting School Awareness of Food Loss) is an innovative initiative aimed at educating students about the critical issue of food waste and sustainability through engaging and interactive methods. This guide provides comprehensive resources for teachers and parents to help integrate these concepts into everyday learning and home activities.

Purpose of the Guide

The BAFOS Teacher and Parent Guide is designed to:

  • Provide educators with structured lesson plans and interactive tools to teach students about food waste and sustainability.
  • Offer parents practical tips and activities to reinforce these lessons at home.
  • Utilize the popular game Minecraft: Education Edition to create an immersive and engaging learning environment for students.

What’s Inside

  1. Introduction to Food Waste and Sustainability:
    • An overview of the importance of addressing food waste and promoting sustainable practices.
    • Key facts and statistics to help contextualize the issue for students and families.
  2. Instructional Materials for Teachers:
    • Detailed lesson plans aligned with educational standards.
    • Step-by-step instructions for integrating Minecraft-based learning into the curriculum.
    • Activities and projects designed to reinforce key concepts.
  3. Interactive Minecraft Games:
    • Ecological Footprint Game: Teaches students about the environmental impact of their food choices.
    • Farm and Restaurant Game: Focuses on sustainable farming and food service practices.
    • Food Loss Around the World Game: Provides a global perspective on food waste.
    • From Waste to Energy Game: Demonstrates how food waste can be converted into energy.
    • Learning Food Waste at School Game: Practical lessons on food storage and recycling within a school setting.
    • Save the World from Food Waste Game: A time-travel adventure to understand historical and modern food waste management.
  4. Resources for Parents:
    • Tips and activities to support sustainable practices at home.
    • Ideas for family projects that promote awareness and action on food waste.
    • Guidance on how to use Minecraft: Education Edition to engage children in learning about sustainability.

How to Use This Guide

  • For Teachers: Start with the introductory section to build a foundational understanding of food waste and sustainability. Use the lesson plans and activities to create engaging classroom experiences. Integrate the Minecraft games to provide hands-on learning opportunities.
  • For Parents: Explore the practical tips and activities to support your child’s learning at home. Use the family projects to make sustainability a fun and collaborative effort. Engage with the Minecraft games to reinforce concepts in an interactive and enjoyable way.

Download here the guide: