SOML is a vibrant educational community in Central Limburg, the Netherlands, committed to personalized learning and societal development. Our approach empowers students and staff to direct their own growth, emphasizing individuality and societal responsibility. We contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on inclusive, quality education. Our diverse schools offer unique learning environments, integrating real-world experiences. We invest in our staff’s professional development, ensuring a dynamic, supportive learning culture. At SOML, education extends beyond classrooms, preparing students for future challenges and opportunities.

ATERMON specializes in applying advanced technologies for impactful learning experiences. Distinct from profit-focused multinationals, we leverage Web 2.0/3.0 for educational advancement, emphasizing Open, Inclusive, and Personalized Learning. Our team focuses on gamification in education, ICT support tools, learning analytics, and research in areas like AR, AI chatbots, and blockchain. In collaboration with the University of Leiden, we explore IP management in education and law. Our approach prioritizes quality, innovation, and practical application, driven by a skilled team committed to transforming the educational landscape through cutting-edge technology.

Effebi Association, a non-profit established in 1978, is a key player in HR management and organizational models, primarily for the banking and financial sector. With major Italian banking groups as members, Effebi is a founder member of EBTN (European Banking and Financial Services Training Association) and EfVET, engaging with over 1,500 VET providers across Europe. It’s also part of FEDERMANAGEMENT and the Centre for Research and European Studies – Future Business (CRES). Effebi’s activities extend to quality assurance, social inclusion, ICT, and promoting EU educational policies. With 7 full-time staff, including experts like Prof. Mario Spatafora and Alessia Spatafora, Effebi is instrumental in European projects for education, training, and ICT, focusing on innovative STEM learning, augmented reality in education, and cultural heritage preservation.

ACOFESAL, a non-profit organization, excels in representing and advancing the professional interests of its 100 member companies in the food security sector. Focused on training at both national and international levels, ACOFESAL enhances professionalization in food safety and hygiene. Key activities include organizing congresses, seminars, and fostering collaboration across the EU to exchange knowledge in food safety training. A significant achievement is the biannual International Congress of Quality and Food Safety, drawing support from various ministries and stakeholders. Key personnel like Imma Miralles and Luis María Gallego bring expertise in psychology, agri-food research, and environmental consulting, contributing to ACOFESAL’s mission of addressing new challenges in food safety and consumer needs through advanced training and collaboration.

Founded on September 18, 1955, Themistoklis, a private school in Piraeus, Greece, began with 100 students and 4 teachers, including founder Katerina Pavlakis. Evolving into a hub of education and life skills, it now educates 550 students with 25 teachers, including international students, under the motto “Culture – Education – Virtue.” Themistoklis is committed to environmental awareness and active citizenship, engaging in theatre, arts, and environmental protection programs. The school’s participative approach involves family engagement in projects and charity bazaars. Themistoklis emphasizes comprehensive education, focusing on intellectual growth and emotional maturity in a nurturing environment. The school’s pedagogical approach aims to transform students into self-teachers, supported by continuous staff training in various disciplines.

Dublin West Education Centre (DWEC), part of Ireland’s network of 21 Education Support Centres, plays a pivotal role in the professional development of approximately 7,000 teachers and over 80,000 students. With a staff of over 50 professionals, supplemented by an equal number of part-time and contract workers, DWEC focuses on diverse areas such as curriculum development, 21st-century skills, special education, school management, and emerging technologies. Renowned for its emphasis on digital and green initiatives, DWEC manages significant projects like the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) and the National Induction Programme for Teachers (NIPT). It offers innovative courses in digital literacy, sustainability, AIoT, AR/VR/XR, and other areas, making it a leader in transformative education both nationally and internationally. DWEC’s activities and expertise extend to global climate action, immersive learning environments, and digital education, driven by a team of experienced professionals.

ADACI, the Italian Purchasing and Supply Management Association, established in 1968, plays a critical role in advancing the procurement profession. Representing over 1,000 managers from diverse sectors like food, industrial machinery, and manufacturing, ADACI has emerged as a key reference point in its field. It operates through a central organization and 6 regional areas in Italy, integrating with global networks like IFPSM. ADACI’s mission focuses on research, professional development, and benchmarking in supply management. Its initiatives include partnerships with 15 Italian universities for research, and collaborations with various institutions and companies for professional enhancement. Key activities encompass certifications, training for young professionals, and organizing conferences to foster professional growth. Notably, ADACI is involved in European projects aimed at improving education in SMEs and developing innovative supply chain solutions. Key experts like Fabrizio Santini, Federica Dallanoce, and Serena Persiani Acerbo bring specialized knowledge in supplier management, compliance, quality control, and sustainable procurement, contributing to ADACI’s goal of shaping a modern, inclusive approach in supply management and innovation.