Result 2: The games

Result 2 of the BAFOS project focuses on the development of interactive and educational content that brings the issue of food waste to life. By creating a custom Minecraft world, we provide students with an immersive learning experience where they can explore, engage, and understand the complexities of food waste. This result includes the creation of various missions and challenges within the Minecraft platform, each designed to educate and inspire students to become active participants in the fight against food waste.

The games

1. Ecological Footprint Game

Discover the Impact of Your Choices!
Join our immersive Minecraft adventure to learn about the ecological footprint of your daily food choices. Navigate through a virtual school canteen, make informed decisions, and see how you can reduce your impact on the planet. Ideal for students who want to make a difference!

2. Farm and Restaurant Game

From Farm to Table: A Sustainable Journey
Step into the world of sustainable farming and food service with our engaging Minecraft mod. Manage a family farm, run a restaurant, and learn the importance of reducing food waste. Perfect for budding environmentalists and future chefs!

3. Food Loss Around the World Game

Explore Global Food Practices!
Travel the globe with our educational Minecraft game to understand food loss and waste in different cultures. Engage with families from various countries and discover how economic and cultural factors influence food consumption. A must-play for students interested in global issues!

4. From Waste to Energy Game

Turn Waste into Power!
Learn how food waste can be transformed into sustainable energy in our interactive Minecraft mod. Gather compost ingredients, operate a biogas plant, and explore renewable energy solutions. This game is perfect for those passionate about environmental science and technology!

5. Learning Food Waste at School Game

Master the Art of Zero Waste!
Dive into the intricacies of food waste management within a school setting. Navigate the kitchen, create recipes, and practice sustainable cooking. This Minecraft mod teaches practical skills to reduce waste and promote sustainability. Ideal for hands-on learners!

6. Save the World from Food Waste Game

A Time-Traveling Adventure to Save the Planet
Join Dave the Timeless Cleaner on a journey through different historical periods to tackle food waste. From the 16th century to the modern-day, learn how waste management practices have evolved and how you can make a difference today. Perfect for history buffs and environmental advocates!